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Sludge Bags

Sludge Disposal Bags - UN Approved for Hazardous Sludge

  • Constructed from 6.5 oz. heavy woven polypropylene material
  • 2200 LBS. weight capacity
  • Bag dimensions: 36L” x 36W” x 36H”
  • Easy loading with 36" duffle top
  • 4-Conventient lifting straps for easy handling and transporting
  • Minimum space needed for stocking
  • Can be mounted directly under filter press eliminating the need for drums
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Articles of Interest:

  • Save Money and Space with Sludge Bags: Sludge bags are designed to receive sludge from filter presses. The Lamports sludge disposal bag holds 27 cu. ft. of dried sludge, comparable to (5) 55 gallon drums, and is more cost effective to purchase, store and ship as compared to barrels.