Fabric Properties & Uses


Fabrics woven from monofilament yarns are recommended for the wet filtration of coarse crystals, fibrous pulps and other free filtering materials. A monofilament fabric possesses minimum blinding, good cleaning, and excellent cake discharge characteristics.


FilterClothThe regularity and smoothness of the filament yarn permits the construction of very closely woven cloths capable of retaining fine particles. Fabrics of these yarns have high tensile strength and good release properties.


FilterClothCombining and mixing two or more of the staple, multifilament and monofilament fibers available for finer filtration and better cake release


FilterClothThe short fibers twisted and spun into yarns and woven into fabrics have the advantage of being a very permeable yarn. Filtration takes place through the yarn as well as the interweave spaces. Thus, higher flow rates can be obtained with maximum retention of solids.

Nonwoven fabric

FilterClothA filter cloth or paper formed of synthetic fibers randomly oriented. Usually held together by a binder. Engineered fabrics that may be a limited life, single-use fabric, and typically lack strength. Combined properties create fabrics suited for specific jobs, with a good balance between use-life and cost. Provide a diverse spectrum of products.

Nonwoven Felts

FilterClothNeedled felts are manufactured by mechanically bonding layers of staple fibers to a base cloth by means of a fiber locking machine. This construction provides maximum efficiency with lower pressure drops and higher flow rates than woven fabrics. For dust collection purposes felt fabrics are generally thicker and heavier than woven fabrics.

FilterClothPlain Weave

The filling yarn is passed over and under each successive warp yarn in a basket weave effect for a smooth even surface.

FilterClothTwill Weave

The filling yarn is passed over and under at least two warp yarns. The twill weave is more flexible than the plain weave, reducing the tendency of solids to become entrapped in the
interweave spacings.

FilterClothSatin (Sateen) Weave

The warp yarns are floated over many filling yarns, resulting in a flexible and smooth-surface fabric with excellent cake release characteristics.