Filter Leaf Bags  

Filter Leaf Bag
Filter leaf bags cover anything from vertical leaf filters, horizontal leaf filters, and horizontal pressure filters. These items are regulary manufactured by Lamport Filter Media. There are a variety of industrial leaf filters and Lamports has the capability to match any manufacturers leafs or vessels.

Filter Leaf Bag
Large Filter Leaf Bags
Industrial Leaf Bag with Tie
Filter Circle
Filter Leaf Bag
Long Filter Leaf Bag
Filter Leaf Bag
Filter Leaf Bag
Leaf Bag
Horizontal Disc Filters

We specialize in replacement
Filter Leaf Bags for:

Industrial Filter and Pump, US Filter, Duriron, Anode Products, and Mefiag.

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Custom Stitching:

Custom stitching on all of our products minimizes product loss through seam holes.

As a specialty cut and sew house, Lamports has the capability to manufacture virtually any type of filter or bag.  We stock a wide variety of quality fabrics to meet your filtration needs from fine to coarse filtration. Bags can be made in many shapes and sizes. Our expert sewing department has vast experience in adapting and customizing to meet your needs. Each item is made to order. When necessary, we collaborate and create the bag from start to finish. Or, we can simply follow any drawing that is supplied by the customer.

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