Save Money and Space with Sludge Bags

by: Walter Senney, Met-Chem Group President

Sludge BagFor many years Lamports, Inc. has provided sludge bags for receiving sludge from filter presses. These bulk bags are normally mounted under a filter press and sit on a skid with the top loops attached to the filter press chute. These sacks are made of 6.5 oz. heavy woven polypro outer bag with a moisture resistant coating on the inside.  A separate inner polyethylene liner bag can be used to ensure a total leak-free bag.

The Lamports sludge disposal bag holds 27 cu. ft. of dried sludge, comparable to (5) 55 gallon drums, and is more cost effective to purchase, store and ship as compared to conventional barrels. Our UN number is listed on each bag to keep it legal for hauling and shipping F006 sludge. A separate side pouch is included for manifest paperwork.

Features of the Lamports sludge bag:

  • 36” x 36” x 36” (1 cu. yd.)
  • Closed bottom
  • Open duffle top
  • 6.5 oz woven polypro
  • Inner polyethylene liner bag
  • 2200 lbs weight capacity
  • U.N. exemption number
  • Side pouch for paperwork
  • 4 corner lifting straps